Man                                              Paul Snider

Rescue Worker                              Noel Villeneuve

Little Girl                                      Skyler Schipper

Father                                           Willem Filosof-Schipper

Nun                                               Julie Weatherall


Extras                                            Dawson Armstrong, Scott Armstrong, Jane Chadwick,

                                                     Karin Atkinson, Jeff Hoffman, Kamyar Pazandeh,

                                                     Olivia Poon, Daria Schipper, Jason Wells


Produced and directed by               Paul Snider

1st Assistant Director                      Noel Villeneuve

Director of Photography                  Peter Carty

Camera Assistant                            Lena Vinogradoya

Key Grip                                         Kenneth Lau

Grips                                              Jon Barbados, Jason Wells, Gerry Sutherland

Script Supervisor                            Ute Snider

Script consultant                            Olivia Poon

Editor                                            Paul Snider

Sound                                            Jason Wells, Nikki Snider

Post-production colour                   Ashley Lynch

Make-up                                         MJ Ayotte, Lanny Brown

Stills Photographer                         Ute Snider

Conceptual Consultants                  Michael Snider, Jane Chadwick

Visual Effects Supervisor                 Rob Neilson

Visual Effects Artist                        Daniel Zwiercan

Digital Compositor                          Rob Neilson


Visual Effects by Etch Media

Sound Equipment Provided by One Seven Eight


Screenplay written by Paul Snider and Noel Villeneuve

based on the short story 'The Walk' by Noel Villeneuve


Equipment rental by Inspired Cinema and White International Inc.

Original score composed by Paul Snider and Noel Villeneuve


Filmed on location at Cactus Country Farms, Ashcroft and in Vancouver, BC, Canada